Fun Things to Do in Corcoran

Corcoran MN is a quiet yet beautiful town. Visit any of the many public facilities for rest and relaxation the city has to offer. The Park Shelter/Pavilion is a nice park where you can enjoy nature with friends and family.  The Corcoran skating rinks provide fun and enjoyment for all ages.

Landscaping Advice

When planning your landscaping for the first time, try to focus on scale and pacing. While it may be a bit tricky to pull off, scale and pacing will allow you to achieve a yard with a better pulled-together look.  There can be variations in color, shape and size such as tall plants against a building or placed on the back of a flowerbed or paths that lead people through space.  It is recommended to repeat some of the elements like a common color or shape in order to achieve a sense of structure.

Lawn Irrigation/ Sprinkler System Tips

For your lawn irrigation setup it is recommended that you use a programmable irrigation timer. There are smart timers, which estimate irrigation times based on average temperatures and local rainfall. It can even determine how quick the grass is actually using the water. It is recommended to set your timer during low water-use hours, which usually coincides with a pre-dawn irrigation program. This is quite ideal especially if you want to lessen water loss due to evaporation. Try to avoid watering the lawn at night as this makes them susceptible to disease.

Corcoran MN truly is a great place to live. If you want to know more on how we can assist you on your landscaping and irrigation needs call us.   We can’t wait to meet you.

Landscaper and Lawn Irrigation Corcoran