Fun Things to Do in Elk River

There are a number of fun activities to engage in Elk River. Aside from having a small town appeal, its proximity to the Twin Cities and St. Cloud makes Elk River a truly vibrant community. The city has two golf courses, Pinewood Golf Course, a municipal nine-hole course and the Elk River Country Club, an 18-hole course. The Elk River arena offers skating to kids and adults.  There is also the Spring and Fall Arts and Crafts Fair, an arena walking track and lots of amenities for seniors too.

There are 44 parks totaling 800 acres of land that residents and visitors can enjoy.

Landscaping Advice

If you are thinking of landscaping your home, it is recommended that you work around a focal point. This is because any excellent garden design features either a single focal point or a series. For instance, it can be a nice looking plant or a sculpture or maybe a good tree or some shrubs. The idea being is to let you draw your eye and allow it to scan the landscape.

Lawn Irrigation Advice

When it comes to watering your lawn it is recommended that you use a hose-end sprinkler. This is excellent for small to medium sized areas. You can look at the many different sprinklers available and find one that will suit your lawn.  Take note that the hose-end sprinklers water in a rectangular pattern and do not forget to turn off the water for manual sprinklers. Want to avoid this mistake? Use an oven timer to help remind you to turn the sprinklers off. When it comes to lawn watering the trick is to go deeper but with less frequency in order to spur the grass to grow deep roots.

Elk River Minnesota truly is a great place to live. If you want to know more on how we can assist you on your landscaping and irrigation needs call us. We can’t wait to meet you.

Landscaper and Lawn Irrigation Elk River