Maple Grove

Sunshine Landscape and Irrigation is proud to be serving customers in Maple Grove MN and we’re happy that you’re considering living here.  We thought you might like to know a bit more about this interesting and vibrant community.


Located in the north central portion of Hennepin County, the location of the City of Maple Grove was once the home of the Winnebago Indians who were transferred from Wisconsin to Maple Grove because the Federal Government announced that the area was uninhabited at the time. All this changed when in 1851, Louis Gervais and Pierre Bottineau arrived and began to stake their claim on the land.  Other settlers like W.E. Evans, Harvey Abel, Patrick Defer and O.R. Champlin were already settled prior to 1855.  All were allowed to buy their claims at the fair market value.

Town meetings were held in private residences from 1858 until 1863, when the first town hall was purchased. In 1877, the town supervisors ordered the construction of a new town hall and sold the original structure to the highest bidder for $23.00. The new building served as the town hall until 1939, when it was leveled by a tornado. The third town hall was constructed and still stands today, being used as a community building. The town board, consisting of three members, governed Maple Grove until 1954, when the town became incorporated into a village. In 1974 Maple Grove became a city. A new town hall was constructed on a site just north of the original town hall. The first city council meeting was held in the new building on August 4, 1975. The current Government Center opened its doors in October 2000.

Scattered throughout Maple Grove were a number of small businesses. There were creameries, sawmills and stores. The township also had three dance halls and two horse racing tracks.

Sawmills were an important part of this rural community. Maple Grove had two that we know of. The first was located on Elm Creek, just north of County Road 30 and run by Dan Hawkins. The second was located just north of 85th Avenue North on Rice Lake and was run by Con Meyer.

There were several general stores in Maple Grove. Grambert’s was located at County Road 30 and State Highway 101. It was built in 1929 or 1930 and purchased years later by Willie Bredenberg. It was then renamed Bredenberg’s Store. It was then sold and remodeled into Edie’s Country Store. The building was torn down in 2004.

Maple Grove today continues to be a vibrant and growing community in the Twin Cities. It is quite known for its public parks and trail system with a wide selection of shopping and dining spots.  There is a wide selection of seasonal events like the Farmers Market, Town Green outdoor performance area and many more.

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