Fun Things to Do in Maple Grove

Farmers Market

Maple Grove Arboretum

This is a beautiful 15-acre park along Elm Creek. It features over 100 local, hardy trees for study and exhibit. Trails lead to Rice Lake and the Medicine Lake Regional Trail.  The Arboretum is also the site for the Angel of Hope Statue.

Town Green

Located at 7991 Main Street N this park has an emphasis on creative art performances. Plus, it’s a great location to relax and smell the flowers, read a book or take a walk around the lake. Sections of the park can also be reserved for your private outdoor party.

Landscaping Advice

When it comes to landscaping it pays to start small. This is because a big chunk of the landscaping process involves creating or developing a plan and then seeing it into fruition.  Many homeowners make the mistake of doing landscaping work big time only to discover that they are not happy with the final results.  Allow yourself some time to see how things develop because plants grow and things eventually fill in. Most people neglect to think about that reality.

Lawn Irrigation/ Sprinkler System Tips

As part of responsible watering it is vital that you measure your sprinkler output.  To do so, you will need at least six straight-sided containers placed on the lawn prior to turning your irrigation system on.  You can use tuna, or cat food cans as this work really good for this purpose. Start by running your water for at least twenty minutes and then measure the amount you have collected in the containers. To get the median, take the sum of the amounts and then divide by the number of containers.  Multiply the average by three and then you will know the amount of water your system delivers per hour. Set your watering times according to the data you’ve collected.

Maple Grove, Minnesota truly is a great place to live. If you want to know more on how we can assist you on your landscaping and irrigation needs call us.  We can’t wait to meet you.

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