Fun Things to Do in Plymouth

French Regional Park – this is a superb family friendly park which offers swimming, fishing pier, lighted trails and a play area. They also rent out kayaks, canoes and paddleboards.

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park – this is an indoor trampoline park that is fun for people of all ages. There are all kinds of packages available for adults and kids.

Plymouth Playhouse – is a small theater that is famous in the area for producing musical comedies.

Millennium Garden – this garden offers a variety of flower gardens, fountains, brick walkways, trails and a labyrinth.

Landscaping Advice

To get better landscaping results you may want to look into the sun and wind patterns. You may want to install a patio on the west portion of the home but it may get too much afternoon sun which means dinnertime in August would not be as relaxing as you want due to the hot weather. Moreover, wind that keeps on rustling in the corner may extinguish a fire pit.  These are just some of the common mistakes people make. To avoid this, the design should integrate what the sun and wind will do at different times of the day and the year.

Lawn Irrigation/ Sprinkler System Tips

When it comes to watering hillsides and slopes, you may want to play with the irrigation timing and frequency. To get the best results, use short watering cycles spaced out over time. For example, water an area initially for a short period and then allow the system to water another area in the yard while the slope is absorbing the water it has received.  You then cycle back to give another round of watering for the slope. This method is quite effective for clay soils.

Plymouth Minnesota truly is a great place to live. If you want to know more on how we can assist you on your landscaping and irrigation needs call us..  We can’t wait to meet you.

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