Fun Things to Do in Twin Cities

There are several lakes located within the vicinity of the Twin Cities and there are extensive park systems available for rest and relaxation.  Some of the notable events held are the Great River Energy Bicycle Festival as well as the Twin Cities Marathon.  The US pond hockey championships are also held here.  Ice fishing is also a very fun activity during the winter. Other outdoor activities are hunting, ATV riding and snowmobiling are quite popular.

Landscaping Advice

When landscaping use a tarp in order to move lightweight bulky debris such as weeds, leaves and brush. You can also use it to hold the soil when digging a hole as well as to keep grass clean. Use a tarp in order to cover plants in the back of the truck from your trip to the nursery.  Landscape fabric can be used most effectively under gravel or mulch walkways in order to keep the material from sinking into the soil.  Try to avoid weed barrier fabric in planted areas because this only offers a short-terms sense of success because when the weeds will begin growing in the mulch on top of it.

Lawn Irrigation/ Sprinkler System Tips

It is always a good idea to observe your irrigation setup. Keep in mind where water delivery is coating hard surfaces like driveways or walkways or where there is puddling going on in the lawn. As necessary, take time to adjust your nozzles and duration of irrigation in order for you to be able to make the most out of every drop.

The Twin Cities MN truly is a great place to live. If you want to know more on how we can assist you on your landscaping and irrigation needs call us.   We can’t wait to meet you.

Landscaper and Lawn Irrigation Twin Cities