Lawn Maintenance and Service

The Advantages of hiring Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation for all your lawn maintenance needs.

Superior Service

At Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation, we use more of an intergraded approach towards all your maintenance requirements. We do not isolate our irrigation and mowing maintenance from one another.  We provide the most capable individual to assess the requirements of your lawn on a weekly basis, the lawn maintenance foreman.  He also underwent training for irrigation maintenance and therefore if there is a problem with the irrigation system, we will simply not mow around it but will fix it as well.

Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation System will also provide you with a Zone Map of your system. In this way, the Lawn Maintenance Foreman will be able to make the necessary adjustments to the system in order to greatly improve the overall efficiency of the irrigation system in order to provide you with a healthier and greener lawn all throughout the season.

Save You Money

Better efficiency of irrigation as well as timely repairs on the system can save hundreds of gallons of water. Great also for the environment. The Lawn Maintenance Foreman has the necessary experience in irrigation and carries with him enough supplies to make minor repair work. This saves you a lot of money from service calls.

Bundled Service = More Savings

The more services you get from us, the more money you save in the process.

We provide:

  • Landscape and lawn maintenance
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Fertilizing the soil
  • Weed prevention and control
  • Removal of snow.

Sprinkler System Audit

Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation understands that todays homeowners are interested in more
than just getting there lawn watered. An efficient irrigation system is important because:

  • Up to 90% of a homes water consumption is used for outdoor watering.
  • Water conservation is an increasingly important goal.
  • The rates cities charges for water have been increasing and will only get higher.
  • Water run off can be a form pollution.

A Sunshine Sprinkler System Audit is more than a inspection it is a complete audit of your lawn
sprinkler system. You will receive a detailed written report and review of report with one of our qualified Service Technicians. This audit will be helpful in understanding how efficient you sprinkler system is, if there are opportunities to reduce water consumption, and saving money on water bills. Cost of Service is $80.00 for residential lawns up to 6 zones and $5.00 per additional zone. Commercial properties are $120.00 for up to 6 zones and $10.00 per additional zone. (Audit is 1/2 price if performed at time of Spring Start Up Service.)

Single Person to Contact

If you bundle the services offered by Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation, we save you the trouble of coordinating with many people as you will be assigned a personal contact that you can talk or chat with 24/7.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction.

Call us today @ 763-4986533

We have the privilege of serving the following Minnesota communities in the Northwest Twin Cities Metro: Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Michael, Eden Prairie, Big Lake, Corcoran, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman as well as neighboring areas.