Automatic Lawn Irrigation System

There are many advantages to having an expert install an underground lawn irrigation system.  Using unsightly garden hoses and sprinklers that achieve mostly watering the air instead of the ground seems to be the current standard when it comes to lawn care.  However, a professionally installed system allows lawn care to become stress free.  Aside from saving you precious money and chore time, the advantage of using an irrigation system is it offers better efficiency in using natural resources.  Watering your lawn using conventional methods is known to be ineffective and bad for the environment. Not only do you get higher water bills, water wastage and dead spots, you are using inefficient equipment to deliver the right amount of water where it is needed the most.

A well maintained landscape increases curb appeal and adds tremendous value to your property.

When you get the services offered by Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation, not only are you taking advantage of 30 years of experience in the industry but also you are getting a professional company and a six time winner of Excellence in Irrigation Award.

Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation, as part of its commitment to professionalism in the industry, is a member of the National Irrigation Association (IA).  Sunshine Landscape & Irrigation is certified to be called a Select Certified Irrigation Contractor.

We are proud to design and install professional quality, water efficient lawn sprinkler systems.  Our system can match the needs of your landscape and save you lots of money on upkeep and water bills.


Our Lawn Irrigation Systems are Superior because:

  • We design and sell systems based on manufacturer recommendations and National Irrigation Association best practices.
  • We allot enough time to replace stock sprinkler nozzles with matched precipitation nozzles to provide efficient irrigation.
  • The sprinkler heads are installed on flexible swing joints. (Many irrigation contractors use cheap plastic risers to connect sprinkler heads. These break often and cause costly repair work)
  • We double clamp all connections to guarantee years of optimal and trouble free operation.
  • No dry spots. Guaranteed.
  • We use only the best quality materials. Due to the fact that some makers offer better sprinkler heads while others provide better valves, we use extensive knowledge of available products to select the best contractor grade materials from such reputable manufacturers such as Rainbird, Hunter and Toro.

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We have the honor of serving the following Minnesota communities in the Northwest Twin Cities Metro: Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Michael, Eden Prairie, Big Lake, Corcoran, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman as well as neighboring areas.

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