Natural and Modular Retaining Walls and Boulder Walls

03Offering an aesthetic congruence to a lot of landscapes, retaining walls are fast becoming very popular these days due to the wide variety of options available.  In the past, the use of rigid materials was the norm, but today the use of different natural as well as synthetic stones are offering homeowners more flexibility to use materials that blend seamlessly into their  type of landscape. These new opportunities were not even possible just several years back.

A lot of current day homeowners are looking for ways to efficiently manage their yard and utilize previously unusable space.  Retaining walls allow that possibility through:

  • Offer better drainage control by stopping erosion in its tracks. Erosion causes sods and plantings to flow down to the lowest part of the yard.
  • Provide level planting surfaces which give the property owner more usable space than what he previously had.

The benefits of using natural, modular, or boulder retaining walls are simply immense. Make sure that only a professional does the installation because not only will you be reassured of the quality and level of craftsmanship that only experience and certification brings but more importantly the safety it brings to your yard.

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