Paving Stone Patios, Fire Pits, Walks and Driveways

If you are looking into investing a substantial sum of money for the beautification of your landscape, the use of paving stones is one of the easiest decisions you can make. Paving stones are quite popular due to their inherent durability, affordability and the ability to blend in the environment.  Anyone that lives in Minnesota knows the harsh conditions of the freeze/thaw cycle bring to asphalt and concrete driveways. Moreover, if you reside in an area that is newly developed and where utility work can be quite common sight, how do you think your driveway will fare? All of these scenarios will definitely require some expensive repairs or patchwork; you won’t see this problem with paving stones.   The inherent natural spacing of paving stones makes them ideal for the freeze/thaw cycle and are quite convenient to repair and remove without much fuss and thus offers an excellent repairable section all the time if need be. These are the same reasons why paving stones are the ideal material for use with patios, firepits as well as walkways.

Sunshine Landscape Professional Installers offer:

  • To quality and guaranteed Work.
  • Colors will not fade
  • Works excellently with the Minnesota climate

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We have the honor of serving the following Minnesota communities in the Northwest Twin Cities Metro: Maple Grove, Plymouth, St. Michael, Eden Prairie, Big Lake, Corcoran, Elk River, Rogers, Zimmerman as well as neighboring areas.